Wednesday, December 9, 2009



Finally, after 4 trial..I finally did it. I've passed my driving test!
I'm still in shocked and excited actually..that I have passed and obtain my 'P' license. Its like a dream come true...I can't wait to choose my car..driving through...ops..
I'm sorry..I sometimes got carried away.
Its just I've tried so hard and people kept saying to me its easy to drive a car..peh. Yeah..they have been doing it for years..dah..For someone like takes months to learn how to drive. Well, maybe they meant good..but the way they say it maybe misunderstood by me. Sorry for that..
Well, I've started the process to obtain my license in January 2008..and I've just got it on Monday..December 2009..Wow!
I didn't even realise it that it had been that long. obtain license..mark as done.
Next step..looking for affordable and dream car..actually..affordable car..ehehehe..
And small and comfortable and yet spacey..
Well, leave me with my dreams..
See you all in the next post..

Good night!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Beginning

Assalamualaikum and Hello..

"Project Z" is the one that I am counting on heavily..ehehehe..
in helping me to make sure that I will finish my "to-do" list with more displine and according to due date. Ahahaha...
In Project Z, I will send some of my "to-do" list that had been mark as done and others are allowed to give comment, ask questions and give suggestion.
So..if there is anything that were related with this blog..feel free to drop in.

Thank you for your support!